Monica Jato

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Research interests

My main research interests are in 20th-21st Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture (Post-civil War poetry, exile literature, and women’s autobiographical writing).

  • Un barco cargado de...- a bilingual research blog centred upon the forthcoming publication of a series of articles by Basque author Cecilia G. de Guilarte, written in 1972 upon her return to Spain from exile
  • Collaborated with UNED in "Retornos del exilio: el regreso de las exiliadas"

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PhD projects

Monica Jato’s main research interests are in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Spanish peninsular literature and culture (including post-civil war poetry, exile literature, and women’s autobiographical writing). She has examined the impact of Biblical language on a range of writers including María Beneyto, Carmen Conde, Juan José Domenchina, León Felipe, Angela Figuera and Emilio Prados. She is currently supervising theses on contemporary Spanish women writers, memory texts of the Spanish Civil War, carceral writing and forced migration.