Mingee Chung

Colleges, School and Institutes


Mingee was born and educated in South Korea. After obtaining PhD, he moved to France, first Orsay (Univ. Paris-Sud 11) and then Grenoble (LNCMI; National High Magnetic Field Lab.), for postdoctoral research. Since 2014 he continued research at EPFL, Switzerland, until joining the University of Birmingham in 2017 as Birmingham Fellow.

He was previously an EPFL Fellow (Marie-Sklodowska Curie COFUND, European Commission) and a recipient of Blaise Pascal Scholarship (French government).

Research interests

His research focuses on collective quantum phenomena such as the emergence of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid, Bose-Einstein condensate and spin liquid in materials. In particular, he investigate the role of dimensionality, geometry and symmetry in quantum spin systems and zero-temperature phase transitions.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • Master of Science, Pohang Univ Sci & Technol

  • Bachelor of Science, Pohang Univ Sci & Technol

Professional Qualifications

  • Maitre de Conferences (Conseil National des Universites, France),

    2014 - 2014

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Exotic quantum phases and transitions in low-dimensional magnets


  • QC Physics - quantum materials, magnetism, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, condensed matter physics