Michela Luiselli

Maria Luiselli

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I first joined the University of Birmingham as Honorary Research Fellow in 2007 after completing my PhD in Egyptology at the University of Basel, Switzerland, in 2006 and while working on several post-doctoral research projects, based in Basel and funded by the Swiss National Centre for Research.  In 2009 I also worked in Birmingham as Research Fellow for the online catalogue of the Eton Myers Collection. My first encounter with the Ancient Near East, however, was at the University of Rome, ‘La Sapienza’, where I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate career. During my career, I have taken part to excavations in Egypt and I have taught Egyptology in Switzerland and at the University of Birmingham, where I have been appointed Teaching Fellow in Egyptology in 2020.

Research interests

My main field of research is ancient Egyptian personal religion with a strong focus on the reconstructions of beliefs and practices of elite and non-elite members of the Egyptian society, particularly in the Middle and New Kingdom (ca. 1900-1069 BCE). I draw upon both textual and archaeological evidence which, in ancient cultures, are intertwined. Moreover, I am interested in the application of models and research methods of Religious Studies to ancient Egypt, as well as in the role of religion in the construction and display of personal and social identity in antiquity, including children and their access to religion and the shared belief system of the world around them.

My publications, two major monographs and numerous articles, are mainly centred around these research foci, but, as part of my most recent post-doctoral research project, I have also worked on the reconstruction of the origins of the cult of the Egyptian goddess Mut and her relevance for personal religion practices which has been published in form of two peer-reviewed articles.