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Martyn Cornick’s work in French cultural history is focussed mainly on the historical and political status of the most prestigious of all European reviews, the Nouvelle Revue française, as well as on questions of engagement for its contributors. Among current projects, he is collaborating on an edition of Georgette Camille’s correspondence, reconstructing a wartime issue of the review, Courrier de Paris et de province, and an intellectual biography of Armand Petitjean.

In the area of Franco-British intercultural studies, he is completing a book with Debra Kelly on the History of the French in London, including a chapter on the Free French. His previous work has focussed on the BBC and the radio war against Vichy France; Britain and the Dreyfus Affair; the Franco-British Exhibition at the White City in 1908.

Professor Cornick is willing to supervise doctoral research in any of these areas associated with French cultural and intellectual history, and the French and Britain.