Liam Kelleher

Colleges, School and Institutes

Research interests

After completing his BSc Physics with Nanotechnology at Swansea University, Liam moved onto a PhD project in the Centre for Nanohealth at Swansea. His PhD was an industrial linked project through the pan-Wales KESS initiative, where Liam worked with Siemens Healthineers to carry out characterisation of raw materials utilised in manufacturing commercial immunoassays. Raman spectroscopy was the primary tool of use, with FTIR spectroscopy also used to reinforce observations made. In 2019 he joined Dr Goldberg Oppenheimer to carry out research related to TBI. His interests are in open science and the development of research tools for clinical applications. 

Education/Academic qualification

  • Bachelor of Science, Swansea University

    Physics with Nanotechnology (1.1)


  • QC Physics - spectroscopy, multivariate analysis, raman spectroscopy, traumatic brain injury, instrument development
  • QD Chemistry - chemometrics, characterisation