Kyle Jiang

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Kyle Jiang’s research interests are as follows:

Nanotechnology for energy applications: Microengines; characterisation of porous PEM fuel cell layers in micro and nanoscales; energy scavenging for tyre condition monitoring systems; RF energy scavenging
Nanotechnology for biomedical applications: Bi-metallic nanosensor chips for surface plasmon resonance systems; large area nanopatterns for localised surface plasmon resonance; nanotechnology improved whole cell patch clamp
Innovative micro/nano fabrication techniques: Professor Jiang’s group has extensive experience in focused ion beam milling and deposition in nanoscales, Si deep reactive ion etching (DRIE), micro and nano tomography, soft lithography, high aspect ratio SU-8 microstructures, nanopattern generation using modified nanosphere lithography, and UV photolithography