Kai Bongs

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PhD projects

Kai Bongs leads the Midlands Centre for Ultra Cold Atoms. He works in the field of cold atom quantum sensors and quantum gas mixtures. He is involved in many international research collaborations, including a collaborative European project ‘iSense’ which aims to realise a portable atom interferometric gravity sensor. He is also PrincipaI Investigator on an EPSRC project to realise a cold atom quantum simulator, targeting disorder phenomena such as Anderson localisation and Bose glasses.

Professor Bongs's other research activity includes:

Simulating disorder in 2D using cold atoms
Realising a mobile optical clock apparatus
Building a gravity gradient sensor and exploring its applications
Realising ultracold heteronuclear molecules
Realising Fermi-Bose mixtures in optical lattices
Studying Spinor Bose Einstein Condensates
Studying soliton excitations in condensates
Characterising atom optical elements