Jutta Vinzent


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    Exile and Patronage. Cross-Cultural Negotiations Beyond the Third Reich

    Jutta Vinzent, 14 Dec 2006, Munster: LIT Verlag. 212 p. (Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropastudien; vol. Book 3)

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    From Space in Modern Art to a Spatial Art History: Reassessing Constructivism through the Publication "Circle" (1937)

    Jutta Vinzent, 2 Dec 2019, Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter. 233 p. (SpatioTemporality: Practices-Concepts-Media/ RaumZeitlichkeit: Praktiken-Konzepte-Medien; vol. 6)

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    Identity and Image. Refugee Artists from Nazi Germany in Britain (1933-1945)

    Jutta Vinzent, 1 Nov 2005, VDG Verlag. 400 p.

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    Overcoming Dictatorships. Contemporary East and West European Visual Inquiries

    Jutta Vinzent, 1 Jan 2008, Kerber. 126 p.

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  6. Published

    Performing Bodies: Time and Space in Meister Eckhart and Taery Kim

    Jutta Vinzent (ed.) & (ed.), 2016, Leuven: Peeters Publishers. 278 p. (Eckhart Text and Studies; vol. 6)

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  7. Published

    SpatioTemporalities on the Line: Representations – Practices – Dynamics

    (ed.) & Jutta Vinzent (ed.), 20 Nov 2017, 1st ed. Berlin: De Gruyter. 249 p. (SpatioTemporality: Practices - Concepts - Media / RaumZeitlichkeit: Praktiken - Konzepte - Medien; vol. 3)

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  8. Published

    Visual Journeys: Art in Exile in Britain

    Jutta Vinzent, 1 Jan 2008, 2nd ed. George Bell Institute. 143 p. (Humanitas subsidia; no. 2)

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    Edlef Kõppen. Aufzeichungen. Ein Lesebuch

    Jutta Vinzent, 1 Jan 2006, Märkischer Verlag. 254 p.

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    The Oxford Companion to Western Art - German art as objects of patronage and collecting, 1871 onwards

    Jutta Vinzent, 1 Jan 2001, Oxford University Press.

    Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report

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    Ars Memoriae und das Exil

    Jutta Vinzent, Markus Vinzent, 1 Jan 2001, Theologen im Exil - Theologie des Exils: internationales Kolloquium, 17. bis 19. November 1999 in Mainz. Edition Cicero, (Texts and studies in the history of theology; vol. 3).

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