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Juliet Coates

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Juliet Coates’s research interest is in understanding development and evolution, particularly in plants and green algae. She runs a research group that works primarily with moss, green seaweed and Arabidopsis, but also with liverworts, spikemoss, grasses and green microalgae. Her group uses molecular genetics, cell biology and ‘omics approaches to understand gene and protein function in these systems. She also uses more culture-based and physiological assays to understand plant and algal development and growth. One of her key research interests is in evolutionarlly ancient protein families that are required for multicellular development across eukaryotic kingdoms. Her lab is also interested in signalling mechanisms that control biological processes. These developmental processes are of huge agricultural importance and are critical for plant growth responses to changing environments. Her group plans to use data from model organisms to inform research to manipulate root development in cereals and grasses.

Dr Coates plans to use high-throughput technologies to understand how green algae grow and develop. As algae are an under-exploited resource for food, fuel and pharmaceuticals, understanding their basic biology is an important direction for future research.


  • QK Botany - Plant development, evolution, cell biology