Juliane Schwarz

Colleges, School and Institutes


Dr Juliane Schwarz is a Research Fellow at City-REDI, University of Birmingham. Her expertise lies in evaluation and impact studies using qualitative (interviews, focus groups) and quantitative (surveys) research methods. 

Juliane holds a PhD in Linguistics from Lancaster University and has more than 15 years experiences in managing and conducting research projects. She has contributed to and organised impact evaluation studies for the ESRC, the NHS and NHS Scotland and several private sector organisations.

Research interests

Juliane's present focus of research lies on startups and startup support. She is particularly interested in how incubators and accelerators contribute to regional economic development and growth and, at the same time, how they impact individual entrepreneur and the success or failure of their venture, what kind of methods support inclusive and sustainable growth and how can this be accelerated by building on and strengthening geographic and historic assets of a region.   

In her previous positions at Aston University and UCAS, she was engaged in research on good practice in education and evaluating the impact of different education policies. She managed a research project on knowledge sharing and management at WBS and several research projects on quality assurance at BCU.