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Josef Boehle’s field of research is inter-religious dialogue and co-operation in a global age, focusing on international organisations, NGOs, civil society and movements. He currently researches inter-religious co-operation, international institutions, the UN System, religion and civil society, forgiveness, restorative justice, reconciliation and peacebuilding. He seeks to develop new perspectives and models that are needed to enable humane answers to the challenges of globalisation, based on respect for the diversity of cultures and religions in our world community. He is working on a research project entitled ‘Religion and Peacebuilding: A Critical Analysis and Overview of Key Actors in International Relations’ and the publication of a book on 'Religion and Politics in a Global Age: a New Vision for Inter-religious and International Relations'.
His most recent research articles include:
'Forgiveness, Restorative Justice and Reconciliation in Sustainable Peacebuilding: Contemporary Debates and Future Possibilities' (forthcoming 2019/20)
'Trialogue in an interreligious context: reinterpreting the dialogue model of Martin Buber' (published 14 December 2018)

Dr Boehle can supervise doctoral research in any of these areas.