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Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Applied Health Research. He has broad based expertise in the application of qualitative and mixed methods research approaches in a range of applied health and policy contexts.

He is currently the qualitative research lead for several UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded clinical trials and trial feasibility studies. This research includes qualitative work with patients, parents of paediatric patients and a range of clinical staff involved in the delivery of clinical care and related trials. His research interests include the application of qualitative methodologies to understand the patient experience of disease and treatments and how those insights translate to issues including;

• the content and selection of outcomes for clinical research;
• the acceptability of treatments and the related feasibility of clinical trials;
• adaptation to chronic disease and the role of medical and surgical treatments in this.

Jonathan is currently conducting research in a range of clinical areas including Burns, Parkinson’s Disease, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Dr Mathers is interested in supervising doctoral students in areas related to his research interests.