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Dr Mueller’s general interest is in sulfation pathways - the triad of sulfate activation, transfer and removal. In an endocrine context, this research mainly involves the sulfation of steroid hormones in the adrenal gland. The specific enzymes we are currently interested in are the sulfate-activating enzyme PAPS synthase 2, the DHEA-sulfating enzyme SULT2A1 and the PAP phosphatase BPNT1. Our methods are highly interdisciplinary, ranging from analysing patient samples, via protein chemistry, biochemical assays and molecular endocrinology to mass-spec-based analytics. Whenever we can, we also draw from the rich online repositories in expression data and the wealth of existing structural information. Jonathan has authored more than 20 research papers, received various fellowships (Marie Curie; EMBO ASTF and Wellcome ISSF). Having had organised two conferences on sulfation pathways by now, he is truly an internationally recognised leader in this growing field.

Dr Mueller is always interested in recruiting talented new doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. Please feel free to contact him for further information on current opportunities.