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Jonathan Goldwin’s research areas include:

Cavity QED with cold atoms: Dr Goldwin's team are building an experiment to study ensembles of cold atoms in a high-finesse optical ring resonator to bring about collective strong coupling. This is important for trying to generalise the techniques of laser cooling to molecules or more complex objects

Light-matter interface with nanophotonic resonators: In conjunction with the Metamaterials group, the team are studying how one can use nanophotonics, such as photonic crystals and metamaterials, for cavity QED with cold atoms

Co-operative behaviour at the quantum light-matter interface: Long-range interactions and correlations are at the heart of a variety of important physical phenomena, from protein folding to superconductivity

Dr Goldwin is interested in supervising doctoral researchers in the areas of collective strong coupling of light and matter with cold atoms in a high-finesse optical ring resonator, and working towards quantum light-matter interfaces using nanophotonics.