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John Fagg’s research focuses on American literature and visual art in the decades around 1900 and explores the ways in which cultural forms adapted to the new circumstances of American modernity. His work on genre painting (painting of everyday life) looks at how the nineteenth-century genre painting tradition was re-imagined to meet the demands and circumstances of the early twentieth century. Dr Fagg is working on a book-in-progress, provisionally titledRe-envisioning the Everyday: American Genre Scenes, 1900-1940.

Elsewhere, Dr Fagg’s work on the writer Stephen Crane and the painter George Bellows assesses how writers and artists working within nineteenth-century forms responded as the pace and complexity of city life presented new challenges to familiar modes of representation. He is also interested in magazine culture and the ways in which the production of American periodicals is shaped by networks of contributors, editors, publishers, advertisers and political interests, as well as how these networks respond to and reveal the processes of early twentieth-century modernity.