Rev Jeremy Kidwell

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Broadly speaking, I am an interdisciplinary scholar: trained in ethics and constructive theology with a background in the humanities, particularly literature and music. I also have a decade of prior experience working in the high-tech sector. My work explores the problems facing our civilizations and ecologies without deference to disciplinary silos and as a result it is both critical and constructive, data driven and humanistic. I hope that my work can participate in a broader effort to stitch back together the themes of "nature" and "culture" in the mode of a field philosopher allowing an ethnographic and quantitatively generated understanding of grassroots problems and interests to illuminate my constructive ethical reflections.

Research interests

I currently have three research projects underway:

  • An AHRC funded study titled “finding common ground” which seeks to investigate religious environmental groups in Britain and finds ways of connecting up religious and secular carbon workers.
  • A monograph-length book project, Ecological Reconciliation in the Anthropocene which examines ways in which different theologies of time are at work in the recently ratified construct of the “Anthropocene”
  • An investigation into the ethics of design.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Given that my own work is interdisciplinary, I welcome enquiries from prospective research students on a variety of topics in theological ethics carried out in the form of constructive critical reflection or ethnographic inquiry. To get a better sense of my work, have a look over my website at, but my current areas of work include: environmental ethics (or “religion and ecology”), technology, business and organisational ethics, design and aesthetics, and the integration of ethical reasoning with biblical exegesis.