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Jeff Cole’s research focuses on genetic regulation of anaerobic bacterial metabolism of nitrate and nitrite. Oxygen, nitrate and nitrite regulate the synthesis of many enzymes required for bacteria to grow anaerobically. Such 'global responses' involve transcription factors such as FNR, NarL and NarP which respond to signals generated by oxygen, nitrate and nitrite. How are these various regulatory signals co-ordinated to achieve regulated gene expression? How are the promoters of the genes organised and how do the factors interact with RNA polymerase? His group also researches the molecular and genetic basis of bacterial resistance to human defence mechanisms, especially the biochemical mechanisms that enable gonococci to adapt to oxygen starvation in order to explain how they survive bothin vivoandin vitrowhen starved of oxygen. Further research examines unresolved sources, sinks and pathways for the recovery of enteric bacteria from nitrosative stress. The group is attempting to resolve many controversies concerning the sources and mechanisms of reduction of nitric oxide by enteric bacteria, and how nitrosative damage is repaired. Finally, the group is exploring new bacterial hosts and strategies for generating difficult recombinant proteins in bacteria.