Jason Hilton

Jason Hilton

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Research interests

Dr Hilton is a research focused palaeobotanist and evolutionary plant biologist. His underlying goals are to increase the quantity of paleobotanical data included into evolutionary analyses and to improving the quality of existing fossil plant data.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Jason Hilton is a palaeobotanist and evolutionary plant biologist. His research has the four following focuses:

Seed plant evolution and phylogeny: the origin, early evolution, systematics, evolution and phylogeny of seed plants, and includes information from both living and extinct seed plants
Community Change in fossil floras: reconstructing terrestrial ecosystems though time, and looking at the floral response to environmental change
Fossil plants as biospheric indicators: using fossil plants as proxies for terrestrial palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironments, including studies of Late Palaeozoic gigantopterid plants, Carboniferous and Permian plant adaptation, and tertiary fossil plant assemblages
Fossil plants from China: well preserved fossil ferns from China and evolutionary aspects of fossil plant morphology and anatomy

Dr Hilton welcomes enquiries from prospective doctoral researchers in his areas of interest.