Janet Smith


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Janet Smith’s research focuses on growth factor control of skeletal muscle during ageing, development and disease. Skeletal muscle stem cells (SMSc) play an important role in the genesis of embryonic skeletal muscle and in the repair and restructuring of post-natal and adult skeletal muscles. They can be isolated from mammalian skeletal muscles and may be induced to differentiate into skeletal muscle fibres bothin vivoandin vitro. Dr Smith’s lab is using this system to address important biological questions about the function and regulation of SMSc including: the embryonic origin of SMSc; the molecular regulation of SMSc survival and apoptotic cell death; and the differentiation programme of SMSc. These processes are of relevance to two distinct groups of human disease: age-associated skeletal muscle atrophy and the skeletal muscle dystrophies

Dr Smith can supervise laboratory-based doctoral research projects in skeletal muscle biology, myogenesis and related topics.