Jacqueline Blissett


Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Jackie Blissett’s research is focused on the affective and cognitive factors which determine detrimental parenting behaviour and parent child interaction, particularly in the context of feeding and eating problems. For example, she recently used experimental observational methods to demonstrate that feeding practices teach emotional eating in pre-school children. She is also involved in studies using a variety of methodologies including fMRI, infant EEG, behavioural observations, questionnaires and qualitative methods.

Dr Blissett's studies involve a wide variety of participants, including
mothers with clinically diagnosed mental health problems and their
infants, obese children, adolescents with type 2 diabetes, pregnant
women and mothers of neonates. She currently supervises doctoral researchers in areas including the relationships between maternal depression and anxiety and infant EEG, maternal mental health after stillbirth and other pre or postnatal losses and the relationships between impulsivity, weight and eating in young children.