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Jackson Kirkman-Brown and his group carry out research and welcome
doctoral research applications in the following areas:

How the human sperm interacts with the female reproductive tract. This encompasses calcium signalling in human sperm and its modulation by factors such as progesterone, nitric oxide exposure, and pharmacological ligands. Research in this area and other modulators of calcium signalling forms the basis of the majority of PhD studentships within our group
Research into egg-activation and glycoproteins of the egg and its vestments (alongside Dr Sarah Conner)
Collaboration on fluid dynamics in the female reproductive tract led by MRC Research Fellow Dr David Smith with multidisciplinary involvement. This involves various advanced imaging modalities available through our ongoing collaboration with Cairn Research
Research on chemotaxis in human sperm and G-protein coupled receptors alongside the group of Dr Marc Spehr in Bochum, Germany
Novel modulators of human sperm function