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Jackie Chappell’s research interests focus on the ways in which the environment shapes intelligence through evolution, the ways in which animals (including humans) understand their physical environments, and how this changes during development. For example, how do animals integrate information about their physical environments and properties of objects discovered during exploration with their pre-existing knowledge? Her current research as head of the Cognitive Adaptations Research Group primarily focuses on great apes (in collaboration with Dr Susannah Thorpe), but she is also interested in avian and human cognition, and the design of behaviourally flexible, interactive robots, able to explore and learn about their environment.

Though she is a member of the School of Biosciences, Dr Chappell has also been collaborating closely with several colleagues in the School of Computer Science, with Susannah Thorpe on the cognition of orangutan locomotion, and with staff in the School of Psychology on tool manufacture in children.