Ian Fairchild

Ian Fairchild

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Ian Fairchild employs this breadth of knowledge in teaching, in public outreach, and professional activities such as examining and research assessment. He is equally at home in the field and the laboratory with a wealth of experience in glacial environments, caves, rock successions and at national and international geochemical research facilities.

Dr Fairchild has research interests in the following areas:

Speleothems and Climate Change, especially the development of palaeoclimate proxies and the understanding of karst processes including their hydrology. See also www.speleothemscience.info
Glaciation and carbonates in deep time - The Cryogenian. See GAINS project
Aqueous Geochemistry in relation to weathering reactions and hydrology in glacial and riverine environments (Iceland, Himalayas).
Experimental studies of mineral-water interactions