Herjeet Marway

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I joined the department as a lecturer in 2014, and was a teaching fellow here in 2013/14. Before that I worked as a consultant in industry.

Research interests

My research broadly addresses the theme of difficult choices in oppressive contexts, from a feminist and critical race perspective. I am interested in structural barriers that constrain particular groups, as well as the parameters of agency, such as resistance to oppression, within such contexts. As a philosopher who works in global ethics, I am drawn to applied ethics issues that extend beyond the nation state, that require a cross-disciplinary approach, and that particularly affect marginalised groups. More specifically, my research interests are threefold:

  1. Deradicalisation and relational autonomy. I work on the representation of women who are involved in violent groups and develop ways in which to better understand their agency using feminist conceptions of autonomy.
  2. Global bioethics. I work on the ethics of global surrogacy contracts, of the commodification of bodies, of genetic selection for non-disease traits such as skin colour, and of health provision. 
  3. Global gender and race justice. I am beginning to think more about global issues where gender and race intersect, including mental health, reparations, and identity.    

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

I am happy to supervise on most areas of global ethics. I am especially interested in gender justice, bioethics, race justice, relational autonomy, and conflict.

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