Haifaa Jawad

Colleges, School and Institutes


Since 2000, I have been a member of the Department of Theology and Religion at Birmingham. From 2005-8, I was Visiting Lecturer at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, teaching a joint course on Christian-Muslim relations. In spring 2004, I was the American University of Beirut/Fulbright Commission Visiting Lecturer in Contemporary Islam at the University of Alabama. Since 2005, I have been running successful seminars in Islamic studies which bring prominent scholars to the University of Birmingham but also lead to extensive postgraduate involvement. Previously I held academic positions as Lecturer, Westhill College (1993-1999), Assistant Professor, New England College (American University) (1990-1993), Visiting Lecturer, Lancaster University (1997-1998), Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, Exeter University (1986), and Assistant Lecturer, Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad (1980-1982).

Research interests

My main areas of research are the socio-political study of Islam, Modern and Contemporary Islamic thought, Women in Islam, inter-religious relations and Middle East politics. I have also personal interest in Islamic Spirituality and Ethics.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

I am happy to supervise students under the following headings:

Modern and Contemporary Islamic thought
Current supervision
Sareh Ardeshir Larijany: Thesis title: “Mutahhari’s principles of thought on women’s public life”
Nur Saadah Binti Khair: Thesis title: The Use and Abuse of 'Anti-Women' Hadith: A Critical Study Between Traditional and Liberal Women's Movements.
Sadia Ali: Thesis title: Muslim feminists negotiating their space online.
Ghazala Qadri: Thesis title: A Women's Right to a Khula in Pakistan: Marital Relief or Marital Pain?
Zuraimy Mohamed Noordin: Thesis Title: Women’s leadership Role in higher Education in Malaysis.
Mashitah Sabdin: Thesis title: Perceptions of Non-Muslims in Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia about Islam and Muslims
Khawla Al-Mulla: Thesis title: Intellectual currents in Saudi Arabia
Salha Nassr Aseere: Thesis title: The position of Islam on domestic violence against women with particular reference to Saudi Arabia
Ayse Elmali: Thesis title: Interfaith Marriages: Perspectives from Muslim women experiencing marriage to non-Muslims -The case of Birmingham
Owed Nahee: Thesis title: The Religious life in Najran.
Khalid al-jifiry: Thesis title: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence in Bin Bayyah's Thought
Iman Al-Rajaibi: Thesis tilte: Aesthetics in the Quran