Gurmel Ghataora

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Gurmel Ghataora’s main research interests are as follows:

Geotechnics of railway track subgrade: migration of fines into ballast, track design methods and track drainage
Trench backfill: development of trench backfill that requires no compaction. Work in this area covers: shallow trench reinstatement; reinstatement of shallow trenches using as-dug materials
Recycling of materials and ground improvement. Work in this area covers: characterisation and utilisation of quarry wastes; ISERT - improving the stiffness of railway foundations in situ; soil reinforcement using fibres; stabilisation of soils using lime, sulfonated petroleum products and enzymes; utilisation of quarry fines; utilisation of recycled aggregates generated from highway arisings and steel slag fines