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Garth Cruickshank specialises in research into brain tumour and has worked with the National Cancer Research Institute, the European Association of Neuro-oncology and UK brain tumour charities to develop trials and services for brain tumour patients.

He has worked extensively on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy as well as the LAT1 receptor and mechanisms that control its expression, together with function studies on the behaviour of the LAT1 receptor under clinical conditions. A full phase 1 pharmacokinetic trial is currently underway involving the use of microdialysis, serial tumour biopsy and detailed pharmacokinetic studies in human subjects with brain tumours.

Professor Cruickshank also has a programme of work looking at the action of the multifunctional compound Decorin in controlling angiogenesis, immuno-suppression, immune modulation and tumour growth, and is exploring translational techniques such as convection-enhanced delivery and delivery of antisense compounds to control the release of TGF beta 2 in human tumours.