Francois-Xavier Li

Francois-Xavier Li

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Research interests

My research interest is in Movement Optimisation. The goal is to understand the mechanisms determining and limiting human movements, and to apply these concepts to practical situations. The theoretical background is based on motor control, neurosciences, biomechanics and psychology. I focus on 2 complementary areas of applications: sport (football, cycling and running), and locomotion (elderly, rehabilitation).

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

François-Xavier Li’s research interests include the co-ordination and optimisation of movement in various sporting actions (running, cycling, triathlon, golf), perception-action coupling, affordances, movement coordination and motor rehabilitation in special populations (eg, obese and elderly), effects of fatigue on coordination and cognitive functions. The techniques used include 3D motion analysis, electromyography and ground force reaction. The experimental work in laboratory is complemented by field studies at international competitions as race conditions cannot be fully replicated in the laboratory.

Dr Li is the manager of the Kinesiology Laboratory and welcomes enquiries from prospective doctoral researchers in all his areas of research.