Francesco Falciani


Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Francesco Falciani is part of the Integrative Genomics Group.

This group is primarily interested in deciphering the complex biological processes underlying Cancer and Chronic Inflammation. Although apparently different, these two pathological processes share many characteristics and in many scenarios coexist in a pathological situation. They predominantly use a systems biology approach which starts from the identification of important molecular components and aims to infer the underlying structure of the molecular networks connecting these components. For this reason they are a highly interdisciplinary group which develop and apply a wide range of computational and experimental approaches. The group include people with a theoretical physics, computer science, Bioinformatics and Biology backgrounds.

They also have interest in a number of related research areas which they choose to maximize the benefits of the methods they develop. These are primarily Environmental Biology where they have pioneered the application of advanced statistical modelling and network inference techniques for the development of mechanistic biomarkers of environmental pollution. They are also actively involved in Bacterial Pathogenesis where they have developed models representative of stress response associated to Host colonization.