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Farida Latif's current research interests include:

Identification, molecular (genetic and epigenetic) and functional characterization of tumor suppressor genes located on the short arm of human chromosome 3. Including, Ras association domain family 1 (RASSF1). RASSF1A, located at 3p21.3 is one of the most frequently methylated genes in human cancers, including lung, breast and kidney tumors. Latif laboratory is studying the role of RASSF genes (RASSF1-RASSF10) and the related hippo pathway genes in human cancer development and functional characterization of the protein products
Development of molecular biomarkers (epigenetic markers) for cancer diagnosis/prognosis
Molecular pathology of kidney cancer
Bone cancer genetics and epigenetics

Professor Latif is happy to supervise doctoral projects relating to these interests.