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Eric Jenkinson is known internationally for his work on the thymus and T cell development and for the development of novel assays which are widely used for studies in this area. In particular, his work is focused on the developmental regulation of key stromal cell populations that make up the thymus and on the thymocyte/stromal cell interactions that determine the role of the thymus in regulating the development and selection of T cell lymphocytes to provide immune protection without autoreactivity.

Pioneering experiments using single cell cloning in thymus organ cultures have shown that a diverse T cell antigen recognition repertoire can be generated from a single thymus-colonising lymphoid progenitor; identified apoptosis as the mediator of negative selection in the thymus; demonstrated that cortical and medullary thymic epithelium derive from a common precursor; and defined the different roles of bone marrow-derived APC, epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells in thymocyte differentiation and selection.

Professor Jenkinson is interested in supervising doctoral researchers in any of his areas of interest.