Eliana Lauretta

Eliana Lauretta

Research interests


Her research interests include macro and micro aspect related to the linkage between financial system, financial innovation and the business cycle. Also, recently she is looking at this linkage under the sustainability point of view and related policy. She has a particular expertise and interest in an in-depth understanding and the regulation of the finance-growth nexus in order to restore a good economic cycle.



  • Money, Credit and Financial System
  • Monetary and Regulatory Policy
  • Economic Growth, Financial Innovation and the Business Cycle 
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Agent-Based Modelling



  • PhD in Economic Policy – Quantitative Models for Policy Analysis (QMPA)

  • Laurea in Business Banking - Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions


  • AMASES (Italian Association of Mathematics Applied to Economic and Social Sciences)

  • ISS (International Schumpeter Society)

  • EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy)

  • MMF (The Money Macro And Finance Research Group)

  • WEAI (Western Economics Association International)

  • RSA (Regional Studies Association)

  • AISUK (Association of Italian Scientists in the UK) – Geographic areas coordinator.