Deepchandra Srivastava

Colleges, School and Institutes


Currently, I am working as a Research fellow in the School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences. My current research work involves the investigation of Quantitative Attribution of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Beijing to Its Precursors (anthropogenic). Previously, I was working on the chemical and physical characterization of biomass burning particles using soot particle aerosol mass spectrometry in the Department of Environment Toxicology at University of California, Davis. I have been working on ambient aerosol for several years, and notably at the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) to understand the aerosol fate and involved physiochemical processes, and source origins, which includes the use of different source apportionment methodologies and developing analytical procedures for PAHs-derivatives (oxy-and-nitro-PAHs) and Secondary markers using GC/MS. My future interests may focus on the standardization of source apportionment methodologies and data treatment procedures for advance instrumentation, including the investigation of aging of anthropogenic compounds, identifying markers for secondary processes, especially from the anthropogenic precursor in the atmosphere using lab and field studies.