Deena Gendoo

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Research interests

My research program centers on translational bioinformatics and integrative approaches towards characterization of pre-clinical disease models and their application in personalized therapy. One of my research axes focuses on elucidating the molecular pathogenesis of in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical disease models (xenografts, organoids, GEMMs), and developing reliable and quantifiable frameworks for matching model systems to their human counterparts. This a novel area that remains largely unaddressed in the clinical and experimental settings, despite its importance in expediting preclinical testing. In tandem, I am also focused on developing translational approaches that harness these disease models for therapeutics. Both axes bridge the disciplines of transcriptomics, pharmacogenomics, and structural bioinformatics, with the aim of providing new avenues for rapid testing and selection of disease-specific drugs in personalized clinical applications.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, McGill University

    Bioinformatic sequence and structural analysis for amyloidogenicity in prions and other proteins

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