Clive Roberts


Clive is Professor of Railway Systems at the University of Birmingham. He is Director of the University’s Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, which has 160 researchers and educates over 500 students around the world. Clive has been working in the railway sector for over 20 years.  He works extensively with the railway industry and academia in Britain and overseas.  He leads a broad portfolio of research aimed at improving the performance of railway systems, including leading the UK Railway Research and Innovation Network (UKRRIN) - a £92M academia/industry collaboration, the UK Centre of Excellence in Railway Digital Systems, as well as initiatives to encourage engagement with international companies and supporting SMEs working in the rail sector through the Rail Alliance. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers and co-chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Railroad Systems and Applications. He is a member of the UK Rail Industry’s Technical Leadership Group, as well as being serving on the Technical Advisory Panel to the Board of SMRT (Singapore), and being a Technical Advisor to Guangzhou Metro.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Clive Roberts' research interests lie in the area of railway engineering, with a particular focus on:

Systems engineering
System modelling and simulation
Traffic management
Signalling and control
Fault detection and diagnosis (condition monitoring)
Data collection and decision support
Energy and power