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Research in Christian Ludwig's group is focused on the development of novel experimental and analytical approaches to map metabolic pathway activities without necessarily assuming a particular metabolism model for a given cell type with a strong focus on studying metabolism of ex-vivo perfused kidneys. The primary method his group uses and develops is NMR- and GC/MS-based metabolic pathway analysis and tracking stable isotope tracer-based metabolic flux. These approaches are driving the growth of disease diagnostics through their ability to map and quantitate systems of metabolites which are linked to genetic and proteomic alterations. The approach would is geared to identify new pathways and metabolic responses. Mammalian cells present a diversity of complex metabolic networks that are compartmentalized and governed by poorly understood regulatory processes. Hence it is very difficult to predict the parts of the metabolic pathways that are important.

Dr Ludwig's approach is based on Combined Analysis of NMR and MS Spectra (CANMS), leading to synergies which allow for the accurate identification of isotopomer distributions from key metabolites that can then be used as input for guiding metabolism simulation.