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Chris Franklin is a leading expert on meiosis in plants. Work in his laboratory has made a major contribution to the understanding of how meiotic recombination is controlled in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. This knowledge is currently being transferred to crop species where the ability to modify genetic recombination will help plant breeders develop the new varieties that will be needed to ensure global food security during the twenty-first century. Professor Franklin is using a combination of molecular cytogenetics and molecular cell biology to elucidate the mechanisms that control the frequency and distribution of crossover events along the chromosomes during meiosis using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. His lab is particularly interested in the relationship between the proteins that modulate meiotic chromosome organisation and the recombination pathway machinery. The Franklin lab also has a BBSRC-funded programme of work with colleagues in the UK aimed at developing strategies to manipulate recombination frequency and distribution in barley. In addition Professor Franklin has an on-going collaboration with Prof Noni Franklin-Tong in the study of self-incompatibility (SI) in Papaver rhoeas.