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Caroline Radcliffe’s research mainly centres on Victorian and Edwardian theatre, with an emphasis on anything beyond the major canon. It engages primarily with cultural and ideological critical theory covering areas such as popular and ‘illegitimate’ theatre, class, industrialisation and technology, biography and iconography, remediation and sensate/sensory performance. She also has specialist knowledge of all forms of theatre with music, and her work within music and museum and heritage theatre has led her to examine the myth of authenticity and the invention of tradition.

Dr Radcliffe has worked extensively on breathing, relaxation and voice production, both in acting and music, and is keen to extend her work in this area. She is interested and engaged in contemporary, multimedia performance, working in collaboration with sound artist Sarah Angliss (of Spacedog). In 2007 this collaborative team were awarded a contemporary dance award for their digital, multimedia dance pieceRevolution. Dr Radcliffe’s research seeks to bridge the gap between historical and contemporary performance, and she also works as a musician/actor with the Globe Theatre.