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Anne-Marie Krachler

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Anne-Marie Krachler’s research studies interactions between bacterial pathogens and their host, and how this knowledge can be used to fight bacterial infections and gain insight into eukaryotic signalling mechanisms. Work in her lab focuses on how host-pathogen interaction and, in particular, bacterial adhesion triggers changes in host signalling pathways to favour infection. She is also investigating the application of bacterial adhesins as tools in anti-adhesion therapy and as probes for host membrane structures.

Recent work has identified one of the factors involved in initial binding of host cells by a wide range of Gram-negative pathogens - multivalent adhesion molecule (MAM)7. Interference with MAM7-mediated attachment significantly delays the onset of hallmarks of infection, such as pathogen-mediated cytotoxicity or the development actin pedestals. Thus, Dr Krachler’s lab is seeking to develop tools based on MAM7 that can be used to prevent or diminish certain bacterial infections.