Angela Kershaw


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Angela Kershaw’s main research interest is in the field of French political fiction of the inter-war years. She has written a monograph on the female-authored politicalroman à theseof the 1930s, looking at the work of five little-known female authors (Simone Téry, Edith Thomas, Madeleine Pelletier, Henriette Valet and Louise Weiss) who used fiction in various ways as a means to explore and express leftist political commitment. She has also published a monograph on Irène Némirovsky, which seeks to place her work within the context of inter-war French literary production, and investigates the contemporary reception of Suite française in terms of ongoing processes of memorialisation of the Vichy period.

Other research interests include travel writing, Translation Studies and the phenomenon of the politically motivated journey to the USSR between the wars. She is currently supervising projects on France and the Second World War, and French travel writing.