Andrew Peet

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PhD projects

Andrew Peet and his research group are developing novel imaging techniques for the diagnosis, management and understanding of childhood cancer. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a crucial investigation in children with solid tumours but whilst it provides images of superb clarity, it gives little information on how aggressive a tumour is or whether it will respond to treatment. The aim is to address these issues by developing non-invasive methods which can tailor the treatment to the individual patient.

The group’s research has concentrated on magnetic resonance spectroscopy, a technique which can be readily combined with MRI in the hospital but which provides a chemical profile of the tumour. These chemical profiles have been shown by the team to be useful as a diagnostic aid and this is becoming integrated into clinical practice. In addition, several biomarkers of tumour aggressiveness have been identified and evaluated. This is valuable information in making treatment decisions on patients. The expertise developed in Birmingham is being translated to other centres in the UK and beyond.