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Andrew Ewer’s research interests include:

Neonatal gastrointestinal function (particularly gastric function and necrotising enterocolitis)
Neonatal cardiology
Clinical trials
He has carried out extensive research into gastrointestinal function in pre-term infants, including using a novel ultrasonic technique to examine the effect of feed type on gastric emptying rates. In collaboration with Professor Janice Marshall, he has also developed a unique animal model for necrotising enterocolitis.

Professor Ewer has also supervised four research fellows in neonatal cardiology. They have investigated postnatal outcomes for babies diagnosed with congenital heart disease and developed the technique of tissue Doppler assessment of neonatal myocardial function. Recently, in collaboration with the University’s Clinical Trials Unit, he secured HTA funding and undertook a multi-centre trial examining the use of pulse oximetry as a screening procedure to detect congenital heart disease in newborn babies.