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Andrea Krott

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Andrea Krott is a psycholinguist who is interested in language acquisition and brain responses to language processing. Many of her studies, carried out in various languages, have focused on how adults and children understand and produce compound words (eg, ‘baby bottle’). Her current research concerns children’s word learning and language-related brain responses (EEG) in adults.

With regard to adult language processing, Dr Krott often uses EEG to better understand the neural processes that underlie language comprehension or production. One of her projects, funded by the Wellcome Trust, focused on a language-related EEG effect, the left anterior negativity (LANs), and its occurrence during the processing of morphologically complex words. Currently she is investigating neural correlates of language production. In another recent collaborative project Dr Krott is exploring language assessment tools for bilingual children. Dr Krott is interested to hear from doctoral researchers who would like to work in any of her research areas.


  • BF Psychology - Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Electroencephalography, Morphology