Ali Abdelhafeez Hassan

Colleges, School and Institutes


Dr. Abdelhafeez Hassan obtained his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham, UK on 2017. He had got his BSc in Mechanical Engineering on 2007 from Assiut University, Egypt. Following that, his MSc in Mechanical Engineering was accomplished on 2012 from Assiut University, Egypt.

Ali worked at different positions starting from ABAQUS Postgrad trainer followed by Research associate at University of Birmingham then Research Fellow at Rolls-Royce UTC in University of Nottingham for two years. Currently, he is a Research Officer for Subtractive Manufacturing.
Practical experience included CAD/CAM, surface integrity analysis following machining, design and basic control for EDM processes, design of injection moulding tools and FEA simulation.

Research interests

Machining of advanced materials and aerospace alloys. CAD/CAM. Injection moulding. Tooling and fixturing for manufacturing processes. Sheet Metal forming.


PhD Mechanical Engineering