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    Research data supporting the publication "Synthesis and characterisation of Sr4Fe3-xCrxO10-δ : stabilisation of n=3 Ruddlesden-Popper phases through Cr doping"

    Abbey Jarvis (Creator), Peter Slater (Creator), Berry, F. (Creator), Marco, J. F. (Creator), Sanchez-Arenillas, M. (Creator), Cibin, G. (Creator), Clemens, O. (Creator), University of Birmingham, Feb 2020, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000442


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    Research data supporting ‘Stratigraphy, palaeoenvironments and geochemistry across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary transition at Carnduff, County Antrim, Northern Ireland’

    Ian Boomer (Creator), Matt O'Callaghan (Creator), Copestake, P. (Creator), Binti Azmi, A. (Creator), Fenton, J. (Creator), Raine, R. J. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 14 May 2020, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000487


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    Risk perception and risk-taking behaviour during adolescence: the influence of personality and gender

    Renate Reniers (Creator), Murphy, L. (Creator), Ashleigh Lin (Creator), Sandra P., B. (Creator), Stephen Wood (Creator), University of Birmingham, 22 Jul 2015, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000058


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    SVOCs London Campaign 2017

    Xu, R. (Creator), Roy Harrison (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000310


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