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    Coarse-graining the fluid flow around a human sperm / supporting data

    David Smith (Creator), Jackson Kirkman-Brown (Creator), Gadelha, H. (Creator), Gaffney, E. (Creator), Ishimoto, K. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2017, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000216


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    Coherent control of group index and magneto-optical anisotropy in a multilevel atomic vapor

    Lampis, A. (Creator), Culver, R. (Creator), Megyeri, B. (Creator), Jonathan Goldwin (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2016, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000046


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    Collective strong coupling of cold potassium atoms in a ring cavity

    Lampis, A. (Creator), Jonathan Goldwin (Creator), Culver, R. (Creator), Megyeri, B. (Creator), Komal Pahwa (Creator), Mudarikwa, L. (Creator), Michael Holynski (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2016, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000042


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    Cuneiform Digital Palaeography Project

    Alasdair Livingstone (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2004


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    Data Sets for Degradation of a Model Epoxy Resin by Solvolysis Routes

    Gary Leeke (Creator), Geraldine Oliveux (Creator), University of Birmingham, 29 Apr 2015


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    Data from: Recurrence in silent corticotroph adenomas after primary treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis

    Fountas, A. (Creator), Lavrentaki, A. (Creator), Anuradhaa Subramanian (Creator), Toulis, K. (Creator), Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar (Creator), Niki Karavitaki (Creator), University of Birmingham, 7 Sep 2018, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000231


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