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    Reassessing the value of regional climate modelling using palaeoclimate simulations

    Armstrong, E. (Creator), Peter Hopcroft (Creator), Valdes, P. J. (Creator), University of Bristol, 9 Nov 2019


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    Raw capture spectral JPEG images of Codex Zacynthius

    H.A.G. Houghton (Creator), David Parker (Creator), Phelps, M. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2020,


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    Quantifying Receptor Trafficking and Colocalization with Confocal Microscopy

    Iain Styles (Creator), Heath, J. (Creator), Joshua Rappoport (Creator), University of Birmingham, 31 Jan 2017


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    Proxeny Networks of the Ancient World (PNAW)

    William Mack (Creator), University of Birmingham, 19 Oct 2016


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    Power-Sharing Event Dataset (PSED)

    Martin Ottmann (Creator), VĂ¼llers, J. (Creator), Martin Ottmann, 27 Mar 2015, 10.7910/DVN/29657


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    Poly(lactic acid) Degradation into Methyl Lactate Catalyzed by a Well-Defined Zn(II) Complex

    Luis Roman Ramirez (Creator), McKeown, P. (Creator), Jones, M. (Creator), Joe Wood (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000291


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