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    Inductive heating assisted‑catalytic dehydrogenation of tetralin as a hydrogen source for downhole catalytic upgrading of heavy oil

    Abarasi Hart (Creator), Adam, M. (Creator), Robinson, J. P. (Creator), Rigby, S. P. (Creator), Joe Wood (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000405


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    In-situ Synchrotron X‑ray Characterisation of Corrosion Products in Zr Artificial Pits in Simulated Physiological Solutions

    Alison Davenport (Creator), Zhang, Y. (Creator), Flaviu Gostin (Creator), Cook, A. (Creator), Wu, J. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2017, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000020


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    Identification of Phosphorylation Sites Altering Pollen Soluble Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Activity

    Eaves, D. J. (Creator), Haque, T. (Creator), Richard Tudor (Creator), Barron, Y. (Creator), Zampronio, C. (Creator), de Graaf, B. (Creator), Cotton, N. (Creator), Scott White (Creator), Helen Cooper (Creator), Chris Franklin (Creator), Harper, J. F. (Creator), Noni Franklin-Tong (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2017, 10.1104/pp.16.01450


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    HOMS measured by APi-ToF in Beijing

    James Brean (Creator), Roy Harrison (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000304


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