Using the Business Model Canvas to increase the impact of green infrastructure valuation tools

Emma Ferranti, Anne Jaluzot

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There is a range of tools available to value the ecosystem services provided by urban green infrastructure including i-Tree Eco, CAVAT, GI-Val, and more. These valuation tools quantify the natural environment in order to incorporate it within urban decision-making processes. In the UK, valuation tools have been used successfully to calculate commensurate replacement values for trees (e.g. Southwark, London), enhance the value of green infrastructure at the design stage (e.g. Wirral), and secure resource for future planting and maintenance (e.g. Wrexham). However, these valuation tools have not consistently had the desired positive impact on decision-making. In response, we have adapted the Business Model Canvas for use in green infrastructure valuation (BMC 4GI) to create a framework that focuses the valuation process on the Change Objective, i.e. the decision that valuation intends to influence. The BMC 4GI outlines nine building blocks to consider prior to valuation, namely; (i) Change Objective, (ii) Target Audience, (iii) Key Activities, (iv) Key Resources, (v) Key Partners, (vi) Channels, (vii) Audience Message, (viii) Cost Structure, and (ix) Revenue Streams. We link the BMC 4GI to four general scenarios where valuation has proven to be successful, and provide a working example of the template based on green infrastructure valuation on a redevelopment site. BMC 4GI can support any approach to green infrastructure valuation, globally, and we invite others to apply BMC 4GI to create a shared case study library of good practice in green infrastructure valuation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number126776
JournalUrban Forestry & Urban Greening
Early online date1 Jul 2020
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020


  • Business model canvas
  • Urban forestry
  • Valuation tools
  • i-Tree Eco

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