The least singular value of a random symmetric matrix

Marcelo Campos, Matthew Jenssen, Marcus Michelen, Julian Sahasrabudhe

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Let A be a n×n symmetric matrix with (Ai,j)i≤j, independent and identically distributed according to a subgaussian distribution. We show that
where σmin(A) denotes the least singular value of A and the constants C,c>0 depend only on the distribution of the entries of A. This result confirms a folklore conjecture on the lower-tail asymptotics of the least singular value of random symmetric matrices and is best possible up to the dependence of the constants on the distribution of Ai,j. Along the way, we prove that the probability A has a repeated eigenvalue is e−Ω(n), thus confirming a conjecture of Nguyen, Tao and Vu.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Mar 2022

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44 pages + 30 page supplement. The supplement builds on our previous work arXiv:2105.11384 and provides the proof of a technical quasi-randomness statement


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